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Saxophone Class



Vivo originates from the Italian Music Term meaning 'alive'. Being a family of musicians, our only life purpose is to spread the joys that music gives, keeping us alive.

Firstly... let me introduce, Terry (also known as Taras). He has the wildest sense of humour, and once you start music with him, he will keep you motivated like no other. He is also known to be a children magnet, and parents can see it for themselves. He is also a piano sales guru and can advise, sell, rent or fix your pianos!.

Secondly, Nataliya- you will be pushed to your full potential.


She never gives up and has an all time record of distinctions from her students and they excel in their exams, thanks to her dedication. 

Most importantly, master Luke! He's the cute one in the picture. He is the most important of all. While he is not a qualified teacher yet, he is the best helper we could ask for. He is 12 years old and plays 3 instruments- the piano (grade 6), violin (grade 8) and the drums (grade 2). Luke loves making friends, which is why all children who come to have lessons with us have Luke to play with (while waiting for lessons)!

Lastly, Dzvina, a full time teacher at Secondary School. Always keeping up to date with all the current affairs of music education, in and out of schools. She has a first class honours in music, PGCE at the University of Cambridge, and works with young people, inspiring them with all that music has to offer.

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